5 Secrets To Lasting Longer In Bed

If you follow these 5 secrets to lasting longer in bed for you, you might get more play with girls. When men do not have any success, time lasts. There are some people that do not take time to stimulate their partner. They usually last about five minutes, the girl that "Big O" hanging on the edge of leave. Do you keep it long, if you need some pointers on how to please girls, please read on.

  1. Massage: Most men want to get right to the sex. Check out also lasting longer in bed exercises. They usually remain unsatisfied women are just a few minutes. Sex is not about you and your satisfaction is not just, it is satisfied about both you and your partner. When you give a sensual massage they receive and the women love it. All of them turned on, there is something powerful about the hand of man that roams the body. The longer action is postponed, it becomes stronger. It will last longer as well.
  2. Oral Sex: Oral Sex is one of the best secrets in bed to be as sustainable in two ways. See secrets to lasting longer. Instead of receiving most women love to give. Tell her that you maintain an erection for much longer than the acquisition of rights to sex's it. Her idea if you have not yet warmed up, start slowly and then orally. Start by giving her a mind blowing oral sex. Slowly turn your body until her upper body close to your penis. Caress your penis with her breasts, chin and mouth. She is a chance to take the hint.
  3. Hot shower: steamy hot shower and a great way to start the foreplay last longer in bed with. You must have a voluptuous body wash with a soft sponge bath. Put a body wash with a sponge just enough to make long-term bubble. Beginning with her breasts gently sponge the body of her run. She was covered with foam bubbling up, keep doing it. Give her a sponge, please return the favor to her. Washing, after washing off the soap, going to bed. Prepare for fireworks and last longer.
  4. Kiss: Kiss is a modest part of foreplay. It is one of the secrets of the best and long in bed during sex. See alsosecrets to lasting longer. In the act of kissing is not only intimate, it gives you time to caress each other. It is also a way to satisfy your woman in a more intimate way. Please do not punish her lips Hadokisu. You should explore your body with her mouth and gently bite your tongue and her lips. By showing how much you enjoy each other, make time together with your last long.
  5. Speaks: Secrets of the best to last long in bed talking relationship with your partner. View tips on lasting longer. You can have all the world to fuck you as long as you know your partner, it must be the same. Please do not talk about your day. Instead, it's just how she is beautiful or sexy. Tell her you love her body and your mind. Complement your girl, she know that she is something special. You maybe interested in lasting longer in bed.

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