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Allele may have evolved to resist the parasite, as we have about the same speed?


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Last week, it's undergraduate studies in our laboratory (thanks, Andrew) was suggested as a topic of the post. You maybe interested in 1st time having sex. That question, "Why did we have sex?" As it may sound strange when it comes to answer, we are still in the dark bits. Asexual organisms reproduce abundantly on this earth, they seem to get along just fine. Some organisms, such as

The nematode C. elegans

Worms used in this study, we have a choice. These millimeter-long nematode There are two (roundworm): Men's Men's enough to fertilize themselves and fellow men, and bisexual. From my experience

The nematode C. elegans

The researchers found that hermaphrodites do not like it was found not SEX. Check out also men having sex with men. In fact, some researchers, as it were, must be anesthetized to allow hermaphrodite real men get there. Regardless, they made a great model organism, the star of today's stage.

You gotta go ...

The above reference to the Red Queen, is perhaps a little confusing. I can explain. Red Queen hypothesis in evolutionary biology takes its name from Lewis Carroll's story

Looking Glass

. "It will stay in the same place, taking all runs can be you." Specifically, the race of the Red Queen, scientists have applied this idea to the co-evolution of pathogens and the host : Both parties, in order to maintain the balance of their relationship, need to evolve at about the same rate. Pathogens are constantly evolving host defense mechanisms constantly evolve and how to avoid and vice versa. Problems posed by the authors here are as follows. In the sex of the parent duplex, or enhance the ability of the host to fend off parasitic infection?

Hermaphrodite: "Well, Do you think this is the only way to beat the infection?"

Man: "Uhh, yeah, baby, lemme send out a quick text now actually Xiang silence FA. View steps to having sex."

The msg in txt: 10 points for Griffindor!

To answer this question, and colleagues called Morran, worm populations exposed to particularly nasty bugs

Marusessensu S.

. This bacterium is a very lethal


Based on the ability to infect and genetically, which means that a lot of pressure put on the best worm to get their genes into the next generation it is. You can guess what happened to me?

The normal rate for men in the population of hermaphroditic mating worm (outcrossings) is between 10 to 20 percent. Once this pathogen is going up more than 70% of the times sexy times, but has been introduced! Now you will be presented with the biological life-threatening pandemic might say that sex before you spend your time rather than extinction. This is what I say ...? As a precaution, however, scientists are also included with the test strains did not evolve together. In that trial, the rate was increased mating temporarily back down after the first eight generations. See having sex in the bed. Does all this mean? Somehow, these worms (hermaphroditic just maybe, they will consider holding the cards in this situation) and their environment are able to detect the presence of this pathogen, and they had it more reproductive strategy to combat switched.

Bacteria can also look up what was the Red Queen in Alice basically means that it has made some changes to compensate for her own, in groups of worm increased switching to hybrids evolution of infectivity.

Dance of life as it were, the will, now we know that several steps.

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