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Kama Sutra!

The term refers only to induce a strong erotic images.

Perhaps an exciting vision of the ancient world is ... erotic sex magic experienced sexual attack strange couple.

Hopefully this article, Kama Sutra, you discover that it is much more than just books on sex positions. In practice is dedicated to sex positions and 20 percent of the original text! In many cases, there are important lessons in this book will be ignored by the media in general. Than just a pillow book more Kama Sutra is an extensive guide to the labyrinth of sexual etiquette in both ancient and modern world.

It contains more detailed instructions.

  • How to bathe before meeting a lover
  • Lovers, how to entertain each other after making love

Indeed, the original text, date and place culture, we are bound.

Also, please note it can also very.

  • Patriotism

  • Strange

  • Violent

You can learn more about Kama Sutra If you have a seriously long time to apply the technology to your sex life you want and how you can do is to download the original transciption from this website.

The support and guidance, you can join this great forum dedicated to the art of tantric sex for beginners and advance levels.

Passionate love for 100 years

However, the sex appeal of this book continues, the Western world have proven the validity of the present.

Kama Sutra ebook for free downlaod

Kamasutra for women today can be a valuable guide to establish a way of life can become a means sexuality - that is, speak to issues of sexuality beyond the act of sex.

You read the Kama Sutra, they are distorted to achieve feats as if they can enhance the ability to exercise her sexual satisfaction for almost all women at any age, the pause If you do not focus on.

Of course you learn the Kama Sutra, sex is better than a very welcome result.

But more importantly, between the human need to create a life of passion and love women "dynamic relationship" speak.

"If you act according to this preference each other man and woman, love for one another will not be reduced by even one hundred years" [1] Part 2, Chapter IV

Devadatta Shastri, a translator of modern Kama Sutra describes the results of a successful result of philosophical practice.

"At the peak of bliss is achieved, the internal and external world vanish. Losing himself in the Sermon on the Mount of another entity and stopped men and women. See ejaculation training."

Devadatta Shastri will encourage the reader to emphasize:

  • Pressure Point
  • Manners
  • Artistic freedom
  • Instead of loving sexual relationship, seeking to find something that was choreographed and excessively
Written for the man designing for women

Kama Sutra, which has been created for men, it has been designed for the benefit of real women!

Kama Sutra is part 7, chapter 36, paragraph 64 is comprised of tracking the men throughout life. See alsothings to do tonight in chicago.

  1. Part 1 sets up the bachelor pad of his.
  2. In part two, he completed his sexual techniques. Books, videos, all under the banner of the Kama Sutra and other games: This is the book that inspired the modern industry of how Kama Sutra.
  3. In Part 3, a young man seduced a virgin on our
  4. In Part 4, he set up a home for his wife and servants to marry.
  5. Part 5, sexually grown bored with his wife he would have to seduce other men's wives. See alsoejaculatory.
  6. However, for the price - Part 6, after all, as his age, the effort required for the activities of court-martial extra so, prostitute working to please him he occupy in to lose its charm. View kegel exercise equipment.
  7. Part 7 is the last in old age, so he has recipe contains herbal potions to preserve them, he is probably already lost his potency and attractiveness. View show how to have sex.
Women, what can be obtained from the Kama Sutra

In part two, male and female sex partners are active and cheerful approved as required to obtain control of ejaculation long enough to continue to bring his partner to orgasm quite:

"Women Like Men, from the consciousness of desire, pleasure to give satisfaction to them, while feeling a certain kind of woman, men will simply remove their desire. Is not discharged, how they can tell you that such is impossible, their joy that is not the be revealed, the fact that men, if you engage in sexual intercourse, stop itself after discharge, can be happy, be. feel but it is not so with females. "[1], Chapter I, Part 2

Apparently, the author of the Kama Sutra sex great many women, regardless of the validity period from the intercourse simply because it simply, Vatsyayana did not know that you do not do not reach orgasm.

A good example of the roots of the modern myth of more than 1500 years ago! Nevertheless, Kama Sutra, the joy of women (and the view is very attentive culture arrived in just a few decades before we read the details in the sexual success condition), and many still view that men are lost!

As with many ancient Oriental sex manuals, in Part II, tells for the treatment of women by men in such a way.

"She has achieved her first sexual climax."

Also, tell the men how to observe if it is not about what is and what his partner is satisfied or satisfied. Check out also premature ejaculator?

[1], Chapter VII, Part 2

[1], Chapter VII, Part 2
Learn to please a woman How can a man do. See rizer?

The answer given was 1500 years ago in the Kama Sutra can be.

  1. Knowledge about the art of sexual pleasure
  2. Mastery of the art of sexual pleasure

The most important lesson is the second part, for both women and men, the same route to women's sexual pleasure is that there are two.

"The man is well versed in the art of love that knows better how it is different to another and her sighs and sounds during the time of the meeting one woman.

Some women:

  • Want to be talked to love the most
  • In most greedy way, other
  • The most abusive way, including other

Some women enjoy themselves.

  • Closed eyes in silence
  • Others more thunder
  • Some almost faint away

The great art, great pleasure to them, is to see what gives and what your favorite dishes. You maybe interested in how to prevent ejaculation. "[1], Chapter VII, Part 2

They are sexually "normal" when you give up if you worry, an important message for women today - this simple truth has not been changed for thousands of years.

Creating a sexual match: Do you and your partner Good Fit?

Kama Sutra is matched by a sexual partner three factors, Part 2 Open the specific contents.

  1. Reproductive tract dimensions (depth and size of three male and female genitalia, respectively).
  2. The Power of Passion (3 types based on their level of desire)
  3. Satisfaction of time (three types, based on easy access to orgasm)

Which is to find the best match instruction, a more important lesson to you and your sexual partner "match" is the ability to understand how to.

Understanding the sexual fit you, you will be able to choose that better suited to maximize the pleasure of the best positions.

Art of Kama Sutra sex is always reading, refers to the ability to respond to your partner.

It does not dictate a single recipe for sexual gratification. Check out also top pills.

Step 4 April foreplay ancient dance for better sex

By following our extensive discussion of the finer points of the second part of what today is "foreplay" couples can be called a deeper knowledge of the basic steps for artistic intercourse.

  • (Type 4) Embracing
  • (Category 7) Kiss
  • (8 types) bite
  • (8 types) Press

In addition to other variations of touch calculated to increase the sexual excitement of a basic four-step there.

It is a barker, "Kama Sutra", get a little wild and kinky by today's standards.

  • Slapping
  • Spanking
  • Scratching
  • Chew

With sexual sounds and shrieks, groans!

"Keener no way to increase passion than acts inflicted no teeth and claws."

Kama Sutra gives praise to the scratch wounds caused more erotic. It will consider advertising their erotic prowess.

"Passion and respect for a girl who has the mark of the nails occurring is seen from a distance, cut into her chest. See alsopain ejaculation."

Book 2 of the Kama Sutra is also to advocate the use of sex toys, sex suggests that while bathing.

It also explains how.

  1. Man is the best (while having intercourse with the other one is petting) can satisfy two women at the same time
  2. A woman sexually (by turns sexual intercourse, while one in her, touch her there for other people) to comport themselves when two or more men to share how

This 3 tells virgins how to attract a husband.

4 This tells the women how to make a good wife.

They should be included to provide for their old age by stealing from their patrons - the information with the skills required for this six prostitutes.

In fourth century India, to speak directly to women to recognize that if you can read one of several women, this information does not seem strange.

The first part is, Vatsyayana, the study tells both men and women in public, he also admits that many of the colleagues against women allowed to study the Kama Sutra.

Finally, the Kama Sutra is a very sexual world, explains celebrates unbridled joy. It is not the end to itself, preferring to see the joy of a path.

It is still a world and not only for his kindness to commit a sexual sensual casual cruelty can be a healthy world, respect for the breed to sex.

Finally, the Kama Sutra is a modern attitude born in the ancient world.

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