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Sexology Bodyworker

I Bodyworker sexology certification (certified through the State of California Department of Education under the auspices of the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality) is. This will raise awareness of their sexuality, where the client of a sex education helps to use their sexual energy for healing and transformation and. The client opens an erotic sense of energy flow in your body, improve their sexual function and pleasure during masturbation and sex partners, or to overcome the shame and inhibition, enhanced enjoyment of their sexuality assistance can be obtained. bodyworker helps clients clarify their goals and intentions for the job. Clients usually March 08, then please refer to the bodyworker for a series of sessions, they learned to work with. Clients are then used by the modality sexological bodyworkers may be returned for individual sessions as needed, include the following:. Breath orgasm, sensual massage, anal massage, pelvic release massage, masturbation coaching, coaching and sex. Body workers and individuals to use all of the above modalities I have a couple, you can work with groups.Although, my areas of expertise are: * Pelvic Release Massage
Training for touch / erotic sensual erotic massage for couples Taoism * * * Breath Coaching with masturbation for women and men prostate massage anal * /
* Sex Coaching

Pelvic release massage

This massage involves techniques to release tension and pain in the pelvic area. This not only massages the muscles surrounding the anus and the genital area (internal and external) can be included directly in the massage.

Pelvic Release Massage Benefits:

  • It can relieve pain in the pelvic area
  • Some clients are more "space" and report logging, mobility
  • It is sensual massage can be great for warm-up masturbation or intercourse
  • It can help release areas of chronic tension
  • It can be fun erotic
  • As with any massage therapy, it is better circulation, consciousness, sensation and body that can promote

Anal Massage

Both internal and external anal massage that uses various techniques to.

Anal massage benefits:

  • Relaxing the anus often lead to full body deep relaxation.
  • Sensitive anal massage may help relieve hemorrhoids
  • For men, the prostate for prostate massage can be beneficial and good feeling
  • When combined with genital massage, anal massage can be very erotic fun
  • Caring, anal massage given by a skilled professional, relaxed and this part of your body, can help the client to begin to overcome the shame

Masturbation coaching

Coaching clients to achieve many different relationships to their bodies and pleasure during solo sex.

The benefits of masturbation, such as coaching.

  • Enhanced solosex session (ie breathing, movement, self massage, erotic self-pleasuring techniques and strokes etc.) to learn new techniques for
  • Clients will begin to heal and understand the shame around masturbation, you can achieve a better acceptance of themselves and their sexuality
  • Clients are encouraged to express their sexuality through self-pleasuring, you can feel joy inhibition of assistance to overcome the feeling that the support

Taoist Erotic Massage

Genital massage (male and female) use various techniques to

Benefits of sensual massage:

  • It feels good!
  • It is education. Clients can learn more techniques for self-pleasuring and partner sex. They are their bodies, as well as learning to use, and sensual possibilities can their sensual. See alsointercourse technique.
  • Clients are encouraged to express their sexuality through self-pleasuring, you can feel joy inhibit helping to overcome the feeling that it is supported.
  • Taoist Erotic Massage (TEM) combined with conscious breathing between it and circulate sexual energy throughout their entire body to help clients to achieve a high state of arousal, transformation of consciousness can cause a state of bliss followed by a feeling of relaxation. See intercourse in bed.
  • Man is a constant, focused on breathing while receiving a variety of genital stimulation, you can relax, you can learn to control ejaculation more.
  • Women are all part of my vulva, vagina, and you can experience the joy and awareness in the G-spot area. Check out also premature ejaulation.

For individuals and couples / erotic sensual touch training

Touch learning skills that can be applied to a massage and sexual activity

Benefits of Touch Training:

  • Wake up and your hands, learn how to increase the sensitivity of touch
  • In addition to functional techniques might be applied to the whole body, genital and anal massage learn the specific skills
  • Learn to enjoy the pleasures of sensual and erotic touch, slow down and relax
  • Learn more presence in the moment with your partner, to allow a deeper intimacy

Sex Coaching

They and their partners, clients of coaching techniques and attitudes to help you achieve a more satisfying experience of their sexuality. This can be done individually or in couples or groups with clients.

Benefits of Sex Coaching:

  • Clients and their partners, you can get a private coaching techniques and attitudes to enhance sexual pleasure with a partner.
  • Client support specialists to solve specific sexual dysfunction (ie, difficulty with orgasm, premature ejaculation, difficulty achieving an erection, lack of interest in sex) may be received.

Holistic Massage Therapist

I am a nationally certified massage therapist with over 25 years experience. I have worked extensively with clients in private practice, University of California, to manage a successful massage services in San Francisco, who teaches massage therapy in addition to individuals and groups.

Currently, my job is to relieve pain and stiffness, relax with the intention of increasing the mobility of the joint, upset, deep rhythmic movement, Esalen style combines gentle strokes. You maybe interested in free sex pills. Reiki I often deepen the relaxation, and energy from the acupressure technique includes increasing the polarity of the flow of energy throughout the body.

I have one hour to provide a two-hour private massage sessions and 1.5. I individuals, couples, you can design a class for the group. You maybe interested in masturbation coaching. To arrange a book massages and massage sessions and classes for more information, please mail me . View show how to have sex.

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