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Celebrity sex tapes are usually amateur porn video recordings, including more than celebrities , intentionally or unintentionally, a famous person that is open to the public (s).

Such a video tape be released without the consent of their subjects often have damage the celebrity career potential. 1988 sex tape cause serious damage to Rob Lowe 's career. [1] However, in recent years have benefited from the publicity of the release of sex tape star-studded. [2] release of the Paris Hilton sex tape as well as the year 2003, Fri Kardashian sex tape, magazine covers in 2007, leading to a new level of fame brought them to this information , and the reality television series.

The sex tape surfaced, or advance a career as some media, as a marketing tool to establish "leak" because it is has become common. [1] in order to maintain the celebrities can fight in court to release his right to rebut still feeling the benefits of a career. In contrast, as well as indirectly through advertising and can take the route of celebrities publicly release the tape, a direct benefit from the royalties.

The current social acceptance and celebrity sex tapes Joe Levy, executive editor, has been inferred by the Rolling Stones as well as due to easy availability of pornography, for the more general prevalence of the couple to make their own tapes, a video camera . [1]

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The following are records of their sexual activity, is known to have been distributed lists of individuals alphabetically by last name.

  • Pamela Anderson is known that sex tape is drawn in two different.
    • Pamela Anderson and her husband at the time was Tommy Lee had various interludes from their honeymoon placed online by Seth Warshavsky the Internet Entertainment Group in 1998 as one of the earliest internet celebrity sex tape. [1]
    • Pamela Anderson and Bret Michaels, (singer of the band Poison ) had a sex tape released as a DVD on 7 September 2005. The video was circulated on the Internet for years. [3]
  • Dustin Lance Black . In June 2009, African-American photos from video tapes to engage in unprotected sexual activity with another male, was published by the Internet gossip columnist Perez Hilton . Black said, issued a statement: "It's a shame that you are trying to profit from a material that private clearly outside parties and other" personal statement he also stressed the importance of responsible sexual behavior was. [4]
  • Beauty Feng Zhu was 47 minutes video CD secretly taken with a pinhole camera announced by a local paparazzi magazine in December 2001. Check out also need sex tonight. The video showed Chu having sex with Ms. Cheng Ming Tseng was later identified as a married man. Despite local efforts to elicit a direct question from the market all the magazines, the video quickly spread via the Internet. In January 2002, the search engine Lycos has reported that her name was almost time for the search term. That same year, a significant growth in sales of white thong panties and lingerie manufacturer in Taiwan that many have reported the same style Chu wore in the video. [5]
  • Breakfast Chua Soi Ha , while serving as Malaysia 's Health Minister was secretly videotaped having sex. Many families were anonymous and freely distribute a DVD of the two results Batu Pahat . View how to not ejaculate early. On 2nd January 2008, Chua, yes the day before even though he would not say, announced his resignation. [6]
  • Fred Durst , frontman of the band Limp Biz Kit , which had an unknown woman having sex leaked onto the Internet by a repairman had to repair his image and his computer. [10] He later sued the Web site Gawker millions of people to publish it for $ 70 and 9. [11]
  • John Edwards , former senator and presidential candidate, had a sex tape surface in early 2010. The tape depicts Edwards sex with his mistress Rielle Hunter Hunter is reportedly pregnant with a child of their love. The tape was discovered by former Edwards aide Andrew Young in a box of personal items left in his house by a hunter. On 5 February 2010, Judge Abraham Penn Jones, Hunter hush money paid to Edwards' 2008 presidential elections the tape is part of the case configured to determine whether violations of campaign finance law You must be handed over to the court ordered as. [12]
  • Montana Fishburne is freaky studio empire, had a sex tape that was released in early August 2010 by POV sex scene with little time between Fishburne porn Rhymes & Dimes 14 Phattys feature porn movie Brian Pan to par . You maybe interested in stop pe. [13] but Fishburne, attempted to block the distribution of the film later. She had Panpa lawyers, who claimed to have leaked rehearsal footage that was not intended to be released to contact her. [14] She runs back to Montana Fishburne Movies: A - daughter of a list of her XXX debut, released on August 10, 2010 by Vivid Entertainment . [15] The film, features Fishburne in a car is more than a long time, hotel room and shopping mall . [16] Commenting on why she decided to make a film, to show her that I made this film as "an important first step in my career ... I said what success we have seen the Kim Kardashian will, I think much of it was due to release her sex tape vivid. See men and men in bed. " [16] Fishburn, she says in talks with Vivid [17] for the signing of a multi-picture deal for the first commercial success of her debut. View you can be my fuck tonight. [18]
  • Amy Fisher , 1992, at age 17, the infamous wife was seriously injured in shooting her lover 36 years, "Long Island Lolita," Joey Buttafuoco , and sex tapes of her husband Louis in 2007 Bellera made a number of. View ejaculatory delay. [19] In late 2007, Fisher nude photos, soon followed by some of the video, which appeared on the Internet. Check out also men ejaculation videos. Then, at the age of 33, Fisher, paid adult film titled release Amy Fisher started her own porn site: the voyeur, and started to visit the U.S. as a stripper. [20]
  • Katrina Halili video apparently showing sexual contact between Dr. Halili, was leaked in May 2009, "Hayden camera" controversy Hayden Kho distributed through the Internet without her consent. [21]
  • Paris Hilton and boyfriend Rick Salomon, taken by itself, recording the sex in a hotel room night vision . Hilton, which tried to stop the distribution of the tape first woman he now receives profits from the video distribution. [1] This video, along with additional full-color images, which was released commercially under the title Paris by night . [3]
  • Vietnamese television star Hoantoui Linh has lost her job in the television series was released on the internet after a video of sex with a 19 year old with her boyfriend. [23]
  • Nazril Irham , Indonesia "Ariel" The pop star known as. To appear in two sex video circulating on the Internet, was sentenced to three and half years imprisonment in January 2011 [24] TV presenter Runamaya the soap opera that women refused Sutatari first video. Cut [25] When the video prompted criticism from the outpouring of conservative Muslims . [25] under the controversial anti-porn law was enacted in Indonesia in 2008, [25] twenty years in prison can face up to the defendant, the court intended the video to be leaked to the public that they Even if you decide you have not. [26] may lead to prosecutions under the law to ban a video Azrim adultery , [27] by cutting the village many times and was married in 2006 while it was the video. [28]
  • In 2008, the sex tape Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson and porn movies star Sky Lopez was sold. Jackson, they claim that he is physically represent Lopez. Claimed that threatened to give the tape to the male [29]
  • Jane Kennedy and sportscaster yuan of blaxploitation actress, had been released showing her with former husband Leon Isaac Kennedy and stolen sex tapes. [3]
  • Rob Lowe is the face of controversy in the 1980s, two young women he was one of them was his own, the tape having sex with minors . [1]
  • Ophlie - Marie and her boyfriend were recorded themselves having sex. Playboy Playmates of the original French version of the magazine appeared in 2006, she is also a French reality show, was a member of the cast of Secret Story in 2007. In the past she has been promoting since the poker website on fake sextape, this video is "Real Sextape" is tagged.
  • Oribiamohika , competition for Season 2 of American Idol , and then-boyfriend in early 2007, recorded a sex tape and Adam Roberts. It was released the following vivid video titled "Oribiamohika: Hardcore Idol" in May of that year under. [36]
  • Carolyn Murphy, Jake Schroeder, allegedly former husband is trying to sell in their sex tape with a honeymoon in 1999 in Barbados . [37] In January 2006, has been charged Schroeder was arrested in extortion for trying to sell the tape. See alsohow to ejaculate for men. [38] The video was leaked on the Internet in April 2006. [39]
  • Nicole Narain and Colin Farrell sex tape has 13 minutes. Farrell confirmed the existence of the tape, obtained a court order blocking its distribution, a copy of the tape, however, appeared on the Internet in January 2006. Check out also superman stamina. [1]
  • Noeria is June 2007, her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Noeria Puerto Rican singer is generating a lot of sensational reporting by the media, began to circulate on the Internet. [42]
  • Pre Carrie Jean Prejean with a sex tape after it was discovered it had been in the hands of pageant officials. CNN reported that the dethroned beauty queen Miss California has settled with state officials Prejean. [43] Prejean, the tape was described as, a public appearance at a celebrity gossip site alone "too risque". You maybe interested in ejackulation. [43] Prejean is her boyfriend for a later video in the age of 17, claiming that it was created.
  • Katie Price and her then-boyfriend Dane Bauer (from the British boyband Another Level ) was stolen from a leaked onto the Internet during their two-year relationship between the flat from 1998 to 2000 had were videos of sex. It includes the price of his toes masturbation Bowers, that last scene, well known. [44]
  • Robert Ritchie, aka Kid Rock , and the device taps Scott , singer of the band Creed , appears in the sex tape from 1999 that has sex with two four groupies. [45] California pornography company Red Light District, though plans to release the tape in 2006, one of the women involved was filed to block it. See step by step intercourse video. [46] Ritchie again, "stupid" Stapp called to apply for an injunction, blame him for leaking the tape. [47]
  • Jenny Rivera sex video was published on the Internet on September 10 was stolen from her home. See alsomandelay gel. Was [48]
  • Gene Simmons , despite initially refused, but he admitted that he was indeed a sex tape was released at last it through the Internet in 2008. [50]
  • Tom Livermore size , on August 18, 2005, approximately 8 hours of sex starring Sizemore were published on the Internet. [51] The material has since become available on DVD.
  • Tila Tequila had a sex tape released by Vivid Entertainment depicting her having sex with other women. [52] [53]
  • Toro Verne ear known as the best, Minimi from the Austin Powers franchise: June 25, 2008, private home video tape of his former girlfriend Ranae Shrider's sex with Troyer and - in The live show was released. Video was done in, the Easter weekend of 2008 at L'Ermitage Hotel, [57] has been leaked to the public Shrider Ni TMZ . [58] Kevin Blatt, who is responsible for contract mediation Paris Hilton sex tape in 2003, tried to sell the video. Troyer is, TMZ, Blatt, and online rental company accused of SugarDVD for copyright infringement and invasion of privacy. The incident was referred to in the Dre song " Chaamuchin ".
  • Severina Vuckovic , Croatian pop star is known to promote abstinence, the tapes had sex with a married man and she was released on the Internet in 2004. She claimed that the video allegedly been stolen. [59]
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